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As we near the anniversary of our nation's undoing, there are several other occasions to mark, including the rise (and subsequent downfall) of the undecided... [Read More]
Ken Bone, who became famous as a red sweater-wearing undecided voter at an Oct. 9, 2016 debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, is now... [Read More]
Viral undecided voter Ken Bone is back with his red sweater to discuss Hillary Clinton and who he voted for in 2016. [Read More]
Ken Bone, who became an unexpected viral sensation and symbol of the sweater-wearing everyman during the 2016 election, returned to the spotlight on Friday night... [Read More]
Bill Maher is on a mission to convince independent voters from the 2016 presidential election that, maybe, Donald Trump wasn't the best choice for the... [Read More]