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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrat Hillary Clinton, seeking to dampen Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's growing appeal with working-class voters, on Tuesday accused him of having cheered on the 2008 housing market crash. [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's would rather have Tony Goldwyn, the actor and ABC's "Scandal" star, as her vice president than Sen. Bernie Sanders or Vice President Joe Biden. Or at least that is what... [Read More]
Two weeks before the state primary, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders courted Californians, but had their sights focused on very different targets. [Read More]
Bernie Sanders responds to the claim that by staying in the race and continuing the Democratic presidential primary contest he is hurting Hillary Clinton's chances in the general election. "When... [Read More]
Candace Payne, a Tarrant County and Grand Prairie resident with a viral video, will meet the Chewbacca actor soon. On Google, users searched more for Payne's video over the weeked than for pages... [Read More]
On Tuesday Hillary Clinton accused Donald Trump of "cheering" the housing crisis that saw millions of Americans lose their homes. ... [Read More]
Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton frequently emphasizes that she is a "proud Democrat" who wants to help elect other Democrats, contrasting herself with rival Bernie Sanders. While Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont,... [Read More]
Though Hillary Clinton is a vocal opponent of fracking in her 2016 presidential campaign, newly leaked emails reveal that she tried to export the practice to other countries during her time as secretary... [Read More]
Donald Trump dredges up a 25-year-old conspiracy theory that Bill and Hillary Clinton murdered former White House aide Vince Foster. [Read More]
The revelation that Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is facing a federal investigation related to campaign donations could complicate Hillary Clinton's effort to win the crucial swing state and its 13 electoral votes in... [Read More]
Donald Trump gained nine 11 points on Hillary Clinton since March and now leads Crooked Hillary ... [Read More]
likely in part because he's clinched the GOP nomination, while the Democratic primary soldiers on. But that shift notwithstanding, Democrats still see Clinton as thei... [Read More]
During Tuesday's primary coverage on CNN, Brooke Baldwin silenced a conservative pundit after she brought up Bill Clinton's sexual assaults against women. Baldwin brought on liberal commentator and former Obama Administration official... [Read More]
Vote for...umm...I guess...somebody else...maybe? [Read More]
Conservative commentators are cautioning Donald Trump not to give fuel to conspiracy theories and sordid controversies that have long swirled around Bill and Hillary Clinton after the presumptive Republican nominee called a former... [Read More]
The Democratic Party's presidential primary race is coming to Salinas. [Read More]
Anything he tries would hurt his own future much more than hers. [Read More]
Donald Trump has a knack for nicknames. Low-energy Jeb caught something of Jeb's entitled aura. "Little Marco" got at something truly juvenile and naive about Marco Rubio. And "Lyin' Ted" was an effective... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders is requesting a recanvass from Kentucky, where he trails Hillary Clinton by less than half a percentage point. [Read More]
In the wake of reports that Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under federal investigation regarding possible illegal campaign contributions, Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News that the investigation has ties to Democratic presidential candidate... [Read More]
up to $450,000 apiece. (Likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton struck a similar agreement with the Democratic National Committee.) But Trump has boasted, time and time again, about self-funding his campaign. It... [Read More]
Journalist and Hillary Clinton fan Cokie Roberts on Tuesday insisted that women will be "upset" if Donald Trump continues to highlight Bill Clinton's past affairs and mistreatment of women. Talking to former Clinton... [Read More]
Before she backed the practice, she helped save this man from execution. [Read More]
Former President Bill Clinton stopped by the Washington Bakery and Restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown for a few minutes Tuesday to talk and take photographs with customers. "He just showed up," said... [Read More]
WASHINGTON, May 24 (Reuters) - U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has requested a recount in the close Kentucky presidential primary against front-runner Hillary Clinton, state election officials said on Tuesday. The... [Read More]
In a stunning feat of investigative journalism, New York Times columnist David Brooks has finally determined exactly why the American people find Hillary Clinton so unlikable. It's because she doesn't have any hobbies.... [Read More]
As I mentioned yesterday, the three big networks and in fact the major national dailies continue to blast out Donald Trump's charges that Hillary Clinton's husband raped or assaulted other women. And yet,... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton will visit Buena Park Wednesday, part of a quick-hit tour of the state as part of the campaign for California's June 7 primary. Clinton's first stop will be at the UFCW... [Read More]
it's hard to do a merger." "If he changes, that's a whole new ballgame," he continued. Kasich is one of a handful of Republican governors who has yet to throw his... [Read More]
Inside the group chat. [Read More]
on behalf of The Ohio Organizing Collaborative and individual voters in the state. It targeted a number of changes to Ohio voting laws, including the elimination of "Golden Week," a period when residents... [Read More]
On Tuesday, all three network morning shows denounced Donald Trump's campaign ad going after Bill Clinton's treatment of women as a "another low" in the presidential race and parroted Hillary Clinton's campaign talking... [Read More]
Senate Minority leader Harry Reid set an unusual condition for Hillary Clinton's choice of running mate Monday – saying he would fight to stop her from picking any Democratic senator in a state... [Read More]
- Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign is requesting a recanvass in Kentucky's presidential primary, where he trails Hillary Clinton by less than one-half of 1 percent of the ... [Read More]
California Senator and Hillary Clinton supporter, Barbara Boxer, discusses the campaign finance allegations against Governor Terry McAuliffe and also... [Read More]
Donald Trumps son, Eric, had a few words for Hillary Clinton. A few harsh words he wanted to get across to her, and boy did the truth cut where it... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton's candidacy has drawn election fraud in the Democratic primaries out into the open. A host of voter suppression and voter fraud allegations have... [Read More]
before he clotheslined Vince McMahon on "Wrestlemania" and jilted Jesse "The Body" Ventura in a proposed run as a "Reform Party" presidential contender, Donald Trump squared off against another foe altogether: drag queens.... [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on Tuesday likened assumptions that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, would be the party's nominee to having a "monarchy." Read More →... [Read More]
is anathema to the group's 2016 election messaging, which is centered on the claim that the NRA "doesn't lie" but that instead Americans are constantly lied to by "the political and media elites... [Read More]

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