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It's been a rough year for Hillary Clinton.Lots of walks in the woods.Lots of Chardonnay.And a year after her bitter loss -- Hillary is talking... [Read More]
A Confused Sean Hannity Calls Hillary Clinton 'President Clinton' ... [Read More]
by Dan Savage ... [Read More]
President Trump quashed another liberal media lie today in a series of Sunday morning tweets. Trump correctly pointed out the much publicized mainstream media lies... [Read More]
Hillary Clinton further condemned democratic political donor Harvey Weinstein, and pointed out similarities between the Hollywood mogul and Donald Trump. ... [Read More]
NBC Sen. Bernie Sanders dismissed Hillary Clinton's criticism that he and his supporters didn't afford her the same respect in the 2016 campaign that she... [Read More]
As Trump faces opposition over ending DACA, some have pointed out that Clinton also had a somewhat controversial stance on undocumented child immigrants. [Read More]
Media was set ablaze after bombshell documents released on Thursday show former FBI head James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton before the investigation into her email conduct had concluded.... [Read More]